About Us

When Veera moved to New York in March 2015, she was keen to find her green places in the city. Having lived in Paris, Florence, and Helsinki, she knew that discovering the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants and other environmentally responsible businesses in her new hometown would take a while – even if her husband Scott grew up in New York. How useful it would be, she thought, if someone would already have collected them on one website!

Green Guide NY was born out of these considerations. We follow a green lifestyle: we eat vegan and local food and try to buy products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Businesses listed on this site are all places we have visited and like. None of them has paid to be on the page. It is also impossible for us to guarantee their “greenness”; our listings are based on the businesses’ own statements as well as our experiences.

With Green Guide NY we want to ease the way to becoming a greener New Yorker – and ultimately New York becoming a greener, cleaner, healthier and happier city. With love to our beautiful planet and our fellow human beings, we invite you to explore the green side of NYC.